Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Durham, England

Durham, England

Bus buddy to Durham :) 

The View of the city from the train station.


We were so blessed with this beautiful day to explore this beautiful city :)

This is my Professor Bill! Also our tour guide (kind of) for the day :) 

Durham Cathedral.

Walking up to the Cathedral

This Cathedral is just beautiful.

One of the sides of the Cathedral.

Panorama of the Durham Cathedral

Picture of the inside of the Cathedral before getting told (by the lady in the picture) no pictures aloud. Opps :P she posed very nicely though.

The shield in the middle is where the design for the American Flag came from. (this is what our tour guide told us)

Recognizing Hogwarts?

Walking through the halls of Hogwarts :) 

Anneke, Sara and Kate 

One of the towers in the Cathedral

Kate, an amazing friendship that has started because of this magical trip. 

Some of the girls on my trip 

Durham's Castle.

Entrance into the Castle.

The Sara's in front of the Castle :) 
Our true home since our name does mean Princess ;)

Having fun waiting to start our tour. 

Part of the Castle that were turned into dorm rooms for the students that attend the university in the castle.

This isn't a great picture but its a way to display the chapel inside the castle. We weren't aloud to take pictures so this is another reason why the picture is not great and why Bill and Jack are in it. 

One of the carvings underneath the seat in the Chapel.

These were the original stairs of the entrance of the castle now there are different ones to make the entrance more assessable.

Again sorry for the awkward pictures trying to take pictures without being caught. This is one of the main stained glass windows in the castle that is now located where the students dinning hall is.

The head table in the dinning hall that on every Thursday I think it was is when the teachers sit up there and the students buy tickets to have a extravagant meal like the meals of the opening feast in Harry Potter.

Some of the original armor that was used in the armies in Durham.

Another view of the window

Walking around Durham.

This restaurant is everywhere.

A square in Durham.

View of the Castle from one of the bridges in Durham

Me and Hailey with the Durham Castle in the background. 

The Castle

Walking along the river and enjoying the beautiful views :)

Love the reflection in the water

Anneke Sara and I

Saying Goodbye to Durham.

The whole group in front of the Castle in Durham :)