Monday, March 2, 2015

Robin Hoods Bay to Whitby.

Robin Hoods Bay to Whitby Hike.

These next pictures are pictures of the town Robin Hoods Bay.
Enjoy :)

The Sea.

The girls that I went with
From left to right there is me, Hailey, Kate and Cassie.

I don't think this picture really shows how steep this hill is but it was really really steep. 

The Actual Hike. 
This hike is 7 miles long and I think it took us about 3 to 4 hours to do it because we took out time and had fun taking pictures and hanging out with all the animals on the trail.

This is the google maps representation of the trail we did. Only we started at Robin Hood's Bay and we to Whitby.

A sign on the trail

Selfies with the sheep

Hailey trying to pet one. Epic fail.

Living life on the edge. I don't know if you really can tell from this picture but I was laying actually on the edge of the cliff. I was really scared taking this picture seeing as the drop is pretty far down :) 
You gotta have a little adventure in your life :)

Found a shipwreck in the stones

We asked a couple to take our picture and their dog (Lisa) decided we were cute and wanted to get into the picture also. She just came right on over and sat right in the middle of us :) 
This was very interesting throughout the whole hike we took people always have their dogs and they were always so friendly and love greeting us. 

Trying to do some Artsy pictures. It is completely  beautiful here.

Random coble stone path.

After a long time we finally saw the Abbey in Whitby what a wonderful feeling. :)

Hailey and I became Turtles as we were getting tired on the trail.

The beautiful Abbey in Whitby :)

The beautiful city of Whitby. Wish we were able to see more of it but still had a wonderful adventure.

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