Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Edinbrugh, Scotland

 Edinbrugh, Scotland


My train buddy on our way to Edinbrugh. She got sleepy during the ride ;)

Olivia had Yorkshire Tea on the train. What fun times we have.

Pretty pumped to be in Scotland, such an amazing day.

Getting cool hats ;)

My new favorite hat :) One of the best finds on the trip.

Some of the views of the main street we were on, called the Royal Mile.

The Castle of Edinbrugh

Arthur's seat from a distance

Trying to learn where I am and how to read a map when its extremely windy 

The Girls and I just hanging with Braveheart. Good times.

Sara took a cute picture of me :) 

Loving Life here

Walking inside of the University of Edinbrugh. Completely beautiful and interestingly small.

Beautiful streets of Edinbrugh.

I can't remember the name of the lecture hall but this was a big deal we were able to come into this room and take pictures because unless you were attending a lecture you wouldn't be able to come in. This is a place where the Scottish Parlimant meets sometimes.

View of the enterence of the University. 

The library: I loved the blue and it made me wish Calvin had a more colorful library. It would make it less depressing to study in, I'm sure ;)

What a great group we have.

For dinner went to a pub/bar/club called Frankenstein, and had a Fosters beer which was really good. This place was really cool but kind of creepy at the same time, have some crazy stories from it and that's always is fun ;)

Still trying to comprehend how lucky I am to be experiencing this city and everything else throughout my time in England. God is so good.
Edinbrugh Castle.

Looking at Arthur's seat as I wait to go on our Edinbrugh Castle tour. 

Pretending I'm wearing a crown. I'm such a child. :)

Best friends get to go to some of the coolest places together :) Love you Saraboo.

Taking a picture with Edinbrugh behind me.

The Saras' Photoshoot :P

 Edinburgh Castle :)

The Castle's view of the city.

Right before I was alowd to look at the Royal Jewels which were completely beautiful and mind- blowing.

Standing in the middle of the square.

Kate and I displaying our set headsets and our audio guide tour :)

One of the prisons in the castle.

Hanging out with this amazing, beautiful girl, Rachel :)

Just some silly picture in the gift shop. :)

The book in the gift shop at the Castle and it was awesome! I want to get it for my classroom one day. I wish I read this book when I was a kid. :P

Edinbrugh Palace.

Found the Tea Set I will always want and yet way out of my price range. If only I could afford it and it would be able to keep throughout our flight home the the States. Also this the gift shop outside the palace so obviously I was pretending I was a princess and could have spend hours inside of this shop. 

What a lovely girl :)

Wasn't alowd to take pictures inside the Palace, but was able to outside:)

The palace courtyard.

The remains of the abbey in the Palace.

These pictures are of the Palace Gardens. I walked through it alone and just was able to reflect on how beautiful God's world is and how completely lucky I am to experience this.

Nicole and I staying warm and just having a good time :) 

What a silly friend I have :)

Trying out a new look so Sara wanted to join also :)

Arthur's Seat.

Here we go.

Cassie, Kate, me and Anneke

Sara, Anneke and I.

Kate, me, Anneke, Mattie, Sara, Cassie and Nicole heading on the craziest hike I've every experienced.

Anneke, Kate, Sara and Cassie. What wonderful girls.

What a view.

Me sitting with a wonderful view behind me.

You can't be almost to the top of Arther's Seat without taking jumping pictures. Also, you see me holding onto my purse in these pictures... that's because if I would have set it on the ground it would literally blow away even though it felt like it weighted 5 pounds the whole way up. The wind was mind blowing.

Feeling pretty proud of ourselves for completing this windy hike.

Even dogs wear kilts here. This place is awesome.

Desert at the Elephant House, where JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book.

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