Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Beginning

Saying goodbye to my wonderful parents. So blessed to have this adventure because of these two! Miss them but am happy to be here. 

 About to start a crazy adventure with one of my best friends:) 
Can't believe this is actually happening. 
 this is the beautiful sunset we were able to see in Atlanta.
Jet legged and excited to be in England. Me and Anneke are on the bus from Manchester Airport to York. 

 Our first real mean at Café 68. I ordered a beef Burger :) I'm really expanding my horizons.

Interesting Drinking fountains here. 

The Entrance into the City of York. Beautiful.

My  dream is to eat here one of these days. I think I'm going to have to save a lot of money for this.

Johnny Depp's favorite Pub. Haven't been in yet but looking forward to it.
Aproaching the Minister. 
York Minister. It's so beautiful pictures don't do justice.
Night walk into the city. :) I'm in a dream.
can't remember this buidling's name but it was to pretty not to post.
First Pub drink. Appleforth Cider. 

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