Monday, January 26, 2015

Liverpool, England

Liverpool, England

This was our first adventure through York St. John University. We went on Saturday January 25. I went on the Magical Mystery Tour and got to explore a little bit around the town of Liverpool. After this trip I want to learn more about the Beatles and try to listen to their music more. Probably should have listen more to their songs before the tour but it was still very cool to see where these extemely famous band grew up and learn some cool stories and aspects of their life. 

Enjoy the pictures :) 

The first view of Liverpool, England after getting off the bus. 
Walked forever to find China Town in Liverpool and it was a bummer, nothing was open but I thought this was the best part of it. 
Last couple pictures are walking into the big shopping area there. Reminded me of a very mini-version of Time Square.
The Titanic Apartment Boats you can rent. 
Yellow Submarine Apartment Boat you can rent. 
The Joker Apartment Boat you can rent. 
Magical Mystery Tour with this girl :) Best bus buddy ever.
Beautiful Cathedral in Liverpool. This is the third largest cathedral in Europe!
Ringo Starr's Childhood home/street. 
The Penny Lane Roundabout. They are redoing the top of this building so people will be able to eat there and the windows will be all glass. 
George Harrison's childhood home.
The Church where John Lennon and Paul McCartney first met. 
The famous Strawberry Fields from the Strawberry Fields Forever.

John Lennon's aunt and uncle's home where he grew up. 
John Lennon's bedroom and underneath it was the porch where he would practice. The tour guides told us that his aunt said he was wasting his time and wouldn't make money off of his music. Little did they know. 
Paul McCartney's childhood home. 
Tried to get the plaque but the sun and light weren't working to my advantage. The Sunshine was very nice to see though.
This is where the tour ended and we were able to go down into the club and see where it all began. It was to crowed and to much work to get pictures down there but it was pretty cool.  

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